Handspun Giveaway – Odds and Bobs

I went through my fiber and yarn this week and got it all sorted and put away. The good news is that everything fits again AND I’ve been on such a handmade binge lately that I even have a tote free now! And as part of my deep clean, I realized that I have a bunch of odds and ends from spinning that aren’t doing anything other than marinating in my stash – so here we are with a handspun giveaway!

Update: and the winners are Erin & Emma!

I have two bags – one with naturals and one with some neutrals and some brights. I have no idea of yardage or even exact fibers, so… be open to surprises! These are nothing fancy and some are spins from early on, so they may not be the most even/consistent.

Bag #1:

handspun giveaway

Bag #2:

handpsund giveaway

To enter, please leave a comment by March 20th, 2015 (including your email which will only be visible to me). The morning of March 21st I’ll run a rng to choose two winners and then I’ll ship these out!

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Our Annual Tintype

We did our annual tintype photo last weekend. This collective in Toronto is pretty awesome and they’ve always been super nice and fun.

I just love the way these old time-y photos look and it’s been fun to watch our family grow, from our first photo when I was heavily pregnant through to now.

And look how serious that curly haired little boy looks.

2-14 annual tintype

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Giveaway – Hand Knits!

I’ve been doing a giant decluttering this year. It’s come in waves over the course of the last year, but I’ve gotten so much traction that a friend recently said that the house looked like a roommate moved out. And he was right, I’m pretty sure that’s how much stuff I’ve put on the curb, freecycled, recycled, or passed onto friends. And as a knitter who sometimes knits just because I have a few hand knits to giveaway.

Giveaway Rules: Canada or US based. Leave a comment with a note about the item that you’re interested in. I’ll go a draw on December 2nd 2014 for any entries in place by midnight on December 1st 2014. I’ll pick a random random number generator to pick winners. I’m not a lawyer – I’d just like these to go to a home that will love them.

And go!

Edited: And the winners are…

  • Hat –  Kate
  • Wrist Warmers – Shari
  • Bolero – Krista
  • Kerchief – Iwona

A) First up is a simple medium sized hat, knit of out Misti Alpaca. I find it a little more fuzzy than I like next to my skin, but man oh man is this soft and warm.

2014-11-21 16.53.32-1 - Copy

B) Next up is a simple pair of wrist warmers knit out of some local handspun (sadly not mine). These are lightweight and ever so cozy.

2014-11-21 16 v3

C) a simple Bolero style shrug, knit in a small/medium out of a lovely lavender/blue Malabrigo. I’ve debated using this in bed at night simply for snuggling with.

2014-11-21 16 v2

D) last up is a kerchief scarf I knit out of some crazy and bulky weight hand spun (mine!). It is neon and cozy and just plain fun.

2014-11-21 16 v4

or for some detailed stitch close ups…

2014-11-21 16 v5


So which one do you want? (all is a valid option)

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Toddler Felt Christmas Tree

I’ve seen lots of beautiful felt christmas tree pins floating around. And every time I followed a link through there were instructions on how to make ornaments and cut out the felt, but never anything about how to get the darn tree to stay up. I wanted to make one for little man for this year and here we go – here is how we made the actual felt Christmas tree and how it stands up.


  • 1 meter of green felt (I ordered mine from Bear Dance Crafts here in Canada)
  • boxes (I grabbed mine from the LCBO because they were free)
  • box cutter
  • duct tape
  • spray adhesive
  • hot glue gun
  • yard stick

Construction: I’m going to run through what we actually did and then provide comments on what might be easier (based on what we learned)

First up we draw an outline of a tree on the felt, getting an idea of the shape. I had ordered a full meter of wool felt (which I needed for the width), but could have used only half the length.

felt christmas tree diy toddler

Then we took our collection of boxes (all liquor store bottles because we didn’t have any handy at home and it’s a common thing here in Ontario to grab extra boxes from the LCBO).

felt christmas tree diy


We broke the boxes down and then laid them out to check against the felt tree.

felt christmas tree diy

Then we duct taped the boxes together so that there was a double layer of cardboard (for stability). My husband traced the tree shape onto the cupboard and we did some measuring to then cut out the actual tree shape.

My improvement would have been to build the cardboard tree base, draw the shape on directly and use the box cutters to cut it out. What we did got us there, but it took more time.

Once the cardboard shape was cut out, we spent some time reinforcing any areas that were a little thin/wobbly.

Then we went down into the basement and used some spray adhesive to join the cardboard to the felt.

felt christmas tree diy

We left it flat overnight to bond (and because it was 11pm by then). This morning I went through and finished the edges. I went around and duct taped the felt overlap to the back of the tree. Another option would have been to use a hot glue gun.

felt christmas tree diy

It’s pretty awesome. The tree stands up on it’s own and can be leaned up against a wall or tucked behind something when you need to put it away.

I still have to make more ornaments (and some presents to go under the tree!) – I’ll use this awesome pdf pattern for felt christmas ornaments that my friend Laura made for me. But here are the few that I already had ready to go!

felt christmas tree diy

I’m so glad that this is finally in progress. I started dreaming about this last winter, but couldn’t get my time well enough organized to get it done. I honestly ordered my felt in September (which feels really early to start planning for Christmas activities), but it gave enough time for a custom order to get made and it gave me a week or two to find the time to get this made.

The actual work wasn’t to bad – we spread it out over two nights after bedtime. I’ll spend another evening or two make some more ornaments so that I can unveil this next weekend.

Now, please cross your fingers for me and let’s all hope that this means that little man will happily decorate his tree instead of fussing with the main tree!

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Old Time-y Skills – Darning a Knit Blanket

Last winter I knit a lovely stripey blanket out of Noro. It was a cold winter and on our trek to and from daycare I used this big, cuddly blanket to tuck around little man. On one of the trips the blanket got tangled under the wheels of the stroller and dragged along the cold, icy ground. I was a little gutted and couldn’t face the repair, so the blanket got tucked away until this past weekend when I was finally ready to face the music and learn to darn a knit blanket.

Oh the hole, the hole! It looked so terrible. It gaped and pull stitches.

hole in knit blanketAnd then when I started to pull it back into shape it seemed much less daunting.

I found some tutorials online to learn how to darn. I chose a bright, acid green yarn. For a blanket that is full of colour and stripes, I thought that the contrast would be fitting. So first I put my vertical lines in.

learn to darn a knit blanket


And then I started filing in horizontally. At first this was so strange and didn’t seem like it filled the hole. And then magically as I got closer to the end it was just… done. It certainly isn’t neat and tidy, but for a first job I’m certainly proud that I darned my first knit item – because I’m not actually a knitter until I can repair items (right?).

learn to darn a knit blanket


And then a shot of the blanket overall – it really doesn’t stand out a huge amount.

learn to darn a knit blanket


And on this cold day, I’m looking forward to being able to snuggle under this blanket without having to worry about making the hole worse.


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