That 70’s Hand Spun Yarn

Sometime last year I bought three braids of New Zealand Perendale from Maude and Me, two in an orange/brown colourway called Maple and one in a yellow/brown colourway called Mr. Brightside. As soon as I saw them I knew that they needed to be a 70’s hand spun yarn in a lovely 3-ply.

I bought the braids and they languished in my fiber cupboard (if you’ve been to my house you know that I have an entire hutch FULL of fiber), waiting until my Hansen mini-Spinner arrived. I knew that my Majacraft and it’s tiny 4oz bobbins wouldn’t be enough to hold this yarn, whereas the giant Woolee Winder bobbins will hold a massive 8-10oz of fiber!!

the 70's hand spun 3-ply yarn

For reference, each of the bobbins has about 4.5oz of fiber on it and still has tonnes of room left.

For the people who wonder where I get the time – these singles took me 5 week to spin. Pre-child I could have had this same amount spun up in a weekend at most. I might still get stuff done, but it takes way, way longer.

This past weekend I finally got around to plying these. Man oh man is this yarn full of retro awesomesauce. The orange and yellow and brown work so well together – so, so well. It reminds me of a chevron crochet afghan that my mom made in the 70’s.

the 70's hand spun 3-ply yarn

And yes, that is snow in the background. Welcome to Canada, where the crazy spinners stand in the cold with no coat/sweater on (I may have been in a tank top) at 9am to take photos of hand spun yarn against a snowy backdrop to make the colours pop.

the 70's hand spun 3-ply yarn

Because it’s me and I’m not a process person I didn’t bother to count yardage. I did end up with a dk-worsted-ish 3-ply in one massive skein, one medium skein, and one baby skein (where I had a breakage and started again). But one breakage in 12+oz of singles is pretty good by my count!

I don’t have definite plans for this yarn yet, but in my head it would be an amazing crocheted granny square pillow cover. This just might happen if I can finish up some of the top secret projects currently in the queue.

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