Baby Wearing while Traveling

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Our little family took a two week jaunt to Iceland and the UK at the beginning of May. We had halfheartedly talked about lugging our own car seat and a stroller along, but let’s be honest we’re kind of lazy. It was stuff and we’d have to lug it and well, we might as just lug our little one instead. Baby wearing has made our day to day life so much easier, so we decided to wear Silas around Europe.

We developed a pretty good routine. I wore Silas when he needed to nurse (thank goodness for being able to nurse while baby wearing!) and Jason wore or held him the rest of the time. The other person carried the diaper bag.It gave both of us a break, which was good on the days we were out for 8+ hours to site see and travel!

We have a Beco Gemini and it works really well for both of us. I’m 5’3″ and plus sized and my husband is 6’1″ with a giant chest (compared to my giant hips!) and it fits well for both of us. For this trip my husband did an inward facing front carry and I did a hip carry, as it’s easier on my back now that our son is a little heavier.

I credit baby wearing and bed-sharing for making traveling with a 7 month old so easy. He felt secure because he was always cuddled up next to either mama or papa, even at night. We were still able to nurse on demand because we were able to figure out nursing in the carrier, so he was much calmer, even on flights.

Here are some photos! First up, Jason and a sleeping man (wearing a hand knit baby Jayne Cobb hat!) at Edinburgh Castle. Look at all those weapons!

baby wearing

Next up is a baby and papa hanging out in the Cathedral in Bath. We had a bag of Marks & Sparks food for the train ride which papa had tied to the carrier for even MORE hands free goodness.

baby wearing

Then a rather backlit photo of little man and myself at the Roman Baths in Bath. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that he’s actually nursing in the photo. We saw so much more because of this then we would have been able to AND it kept him mostly calm and quiet so that we didn’t get death stares everywhere.

baby wearing

We totally went to see Platform 9 3/4 while we were in London. I mean how could we not?!? I can’t wait to show Silas this when he’s older and we start reading the series. It’ll make it that much more magical.

baby wearing

Papa and a little man hanging out in front of a lion at George’s square in Glasgow.

baby wearing

And lastly a photo of little man and myself while visiting the geysirs in Iceland. And yes, we are rocking our hand spun hand knits!

baby wearing while traveling



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