Carding Border Leicester into Batts

I purchased one pound of silver Border Leicester locks from a destash a couple of months ago. Over the last week I slowly tackled the big job of doing the first round through the drum carder. And this is what happens when carding Border Leicester into batts…

First up, some locks – these ranged from a pale white to a lovely silver gray and generally had bleached tips. They ranged in size from 4-7 inches, long enough to have to finesse them off the drum carder! These locks definitely had some good crimp and lustre going on.

carding border leicester into batts

A pound of clean locks turns into a huge pile of fluff. How huge? An entire chair got swallowed up with these batts!

carding border leicester into batts

Next up is carding some angora I picked up at Harveyville Yarn School¬†several years ago into these batts. I’ve done the first one – it took a couple of passes through to be fully blended. The rest are going to have to be split as I’m pretty sure that they are too fluffy to make it through with the added angora.

I’m going to consider this a longer term project as it’ll take me a while to tackle a full pound of anything as a spinning project. I feel like this should be something fine and simple – imagine a shawl knit out of this!

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