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Handspun Giveaway – Odds and Bobs

I went through my fiber and yarn this week and got it all sorted and put away. The good news is that everything fits again AND I’ve been on such a handmade binge lately that I even have a tote … Continue reading

03.14.2015    11 Comments    spinning

Giveaway – Hand Knits!

I’ve been doing a giant decluttering this year. It’s come in waves over the course of the last year, but I’ve gotten so much traction that a friend recently said that the house looked like a roommate moved out. And … Continue reading

11.22.2014    17 Comments    crafting

Toddler Felt Christmas Tree

I’ve seen lots of beautiful felt christmas tree pins floating around. And every time I followed a link through there were instructions on how to make ornaments and cut out the felt, but never anything about how to get the … Continue reading

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Old Time-y Skills – Darning a Knit Blanket

Last winter I knit a lovely stripey blanket out of Noro. It was a cold winter and on our trek to and from daycare I used this big, cuddly blanket to tuck around little man. On one of the trips … Continue reading

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Tiny Cabin Life: Attic 24’s Granny Stripe Blanket Ta Da!

So way, way back in December 2011 I started a blanket. A lovely, lovely granny stripe blanket (using Lucy from Attic 24’s tutorial – found here). I worked on it off and on (mostly off) until we purchase Tiny Cabin. … Continue reading

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