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Giveaway – Hand Spun Hand Knit Zuzu’s Petal Cowl

I was tidying our clothes up this week and came across a Zuzu’s Petal that I knit out of merino that I spun myself. You know that you have too much knit wear when you 1) have more cowls/mittens/hats that … Continue reading

06.27.2013    16 Comments    crafting, knitting, spinning

Fort Augustus’ Rare Breeds Park

When we were driving from Loch Ness down to Fort Williams, we passed through a small town at the southern tip of Loch Ness named Fort Augustus. We were running a little bit behind schedule when we saw a sign … Continue reading

06.21.2013    2 Comments    crafting, jana, knitting, spinning, travel

Hello Yarn Handspun Knits for our UK Trip

We’re leaving for a two week trip to Iceland and the UK next Friday and even though there is still a lot to do to be ready to go I had a compulsion to knit myself things. Knitters will understand. … Continue reading

04.26.2013    2 Comments    awesome, crafting, knitting, spinning

Combo Spinning

There’s a combo spin-a-long happening on Ravelry until the end of the month (details can be found here, if you happen to be interested). I really wanted to stretch my creative brain and combine some colours, but was feeling way … Continue reading

04.12.2013    1 Comment    awesome, crafting, jana, spinning

How do I show that I love you? Let me count the stitches…

I’m often not certain if I feel things as deeply as other people describe. I feel too rational and too practical. Don’t get me wrong, I love and fear and laugh and all of the good and bad. I guess … Continue reading

03.21.2013    9 Comments    awesome, babies, knitting, spinning