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Baby Set out of Hand Spun

I spun up some lovely superwash yarn (originally a plying partner set from play at life fibers on etsy). I got 280 yards of a worsted two ply from about 7oz of fiber in lovely, bright colours. My friend Miss … Continue reading

What an Airport taught me about Forethought

I was at the airport last night bouncing around between cargo and customs, battling rush hour traffic the entire time. We managed to get everything done, but not without minor freak outs on my part. I could kvetch about how … Continue reading

10.22.2010    3 Comments    customer experience, life

The “Its Not My Job” Syndrome

I’ve found myself saying “Its not my job” a lot lately. I hate it. I don’t want to be someone who says those words. I don’t want to be someone who believes those words. I’ll go out of my way … Continue reading

10.21.2010    1 Comment    customer experience, jana, learning, life

Come on President’s Choice MasterCard, all I ask for is some intelligence & usability

I’ve been a President’s Choice MasterCard customer for a long time. I’ve been an e-Statement customer from pretty much the day they offered the service. At the beginning of the month they changed their website (and my guess is likely … Continue reading

07.26.2010    2 Comments    customer experience

iPhones for non-tech Boomers?

My mom has become a diehard Apple fanatic. As far as I can tell its because she finds the user interface more intuitive. She claims its because they can “copy and paste” [#facepalm] which makes me laugh because at she … Continue reading

03.10.2010    4 Comments    customer experience