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Why The Daily Knitter Sucks

The Daily Knitter is a website that drives traffic by offering a free daily knitting pattern. They also have a repository of free patterns, plus some exclusive patterns and articles. They drive traffic to their site by offering free patterns … Continue reading

The Future of Call Centre Models?

I’ve written before about the potential impact that an increase in mobile phone usage could have on our standard call centre model. Basically, that because most customers are not paying for their minutes we should be considering the impact that … Continue reading

01.21.2010    1 Comment    customer experience

Parking Ticket Mobile App

Before I get too deep into this post, I thought I’d make it clear that I haven’t done any research to see if anyone else has done this. For all I know it already exists and has been done well. … Continue reading

01.20.2010    2 Comments    customer experience

Where does the Customer Experience Start?

If your company is like most others that I’ve encountered you probably have a customer service department. Except that their function is likely limited to dealing with escalated complaints and performing a once or twice yearly customer satisfaction survey. They’re … Continue reading

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Musings on being a stereotypical blogger

I’ve come across big name bloggers who make disparaging remarks about what us little guys write about. And you know what, they’re right. I do write about my animals, although sometimes its to raise awareness of the animals rescue groups … Continue reading

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