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Old Time-y Skills – Darning a Knit Blanket

Last winter I knit a lovely stripey blanket out of Noro. It was a cold winter and on our trek to and from daycare I used this big, cuddly blanket to tuck around little man. On one of the trips … Continue reading

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Jobs and How my Brain Works

I wrote yesterday about the fact that I’m heading back to work. I work in a corporate job at the intersection between two major areas of industry. I work in product development for a telecommunications company helping them launch their … Continue reading

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Writing your Will as Preparation for Baby’s Arrival

As I became more and more pregnant, I started to worry more and more about worst case scenarios (in general). The best way for me to not feel worried is to be prepared. And so I did research on local … Continue reading

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Steeking Class at the Knit Cafe

Last night I took a steeking class at the Knit Cafe. Steeking is where you cut your knitting. Let me repeat that, you knit up a beautiful piece of fabric and then CUT IT. For a whole host of good … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Surviving with Newborns

Here are 10 tips that kept me sane sane and helping make life with a little one easier. I’m sharing these hoping that they might help a sleep deprived parent feel better. As always, they may also be totally wrong … Continue reading

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