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I’m very lucky to have an awesome (almost) sister-in-law. Kerri and Chris just moved out to a small farm, which came with a barn! Of course, we started discussing livestock and we may have purchased two lovely Border Leicesters who … Continue reading

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Hello Yarn in Askew

I spun up 4oz of Hello Yarn’s Askew colourway. This was my first attempt at doing a colour gradient. I separated the colours as best I could and then spun, roughly, from light to dark. I believe that this was … Continue reading

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Hello Yarn Combos

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last two weeks spinning. I’ve been doing a pretty major spring cleaning/overhaul of the house and had started to get a little overwhelmed by my fiber cupboard. The best solution? Spin like … Continue reading

04.21.2011    2 Comments    awesome, crafting, fun, knitting, learning

My Hood, way back when

A friend of mine is working for the Map & Data Library at U of T. They are doing some crazy work, funding the digitization of old fire insurance plans (which become public domain after 60 years). She’s come across … Continue reading

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Hand spun and hand woven Scarf

I’ve been playing around with weaving on my new rigid heddle loom over the last few weeks. Mid-last week I warped for my first scarf made out of handspun yarn! I had spun up 8 oz. of Spunky Eclectic’s fiber … Continue reading

04.03.2011    7 Comments    awesome, crafting, learning