All of the Hand Spun Yarn!

Over the summer and before I quit work I had zero time for Jana-related hobbies. And yet yarn and fiber kept trickling into the house, the end result of which was one very full fiber cabinet. So when I saw that Spunky Eclectic was having a Stashdown on Ravelry, I immediately jumped on board. The end result was ALL OF THE HAND SPUN YARN!

Seriously, I spun almost 3 lbs of yarn in 30 days. I spun at night at Silas went to bed and on breaks from work (a girl’s gotta think sometimes!). Today I took advantage of the sunlight and got some photos.

There’s a little room in my fiber cupboard again and some fresh hand spun stock to be sent along to the Knit Cafe in time for your Christmas shopping needs.

It was a really nice reminder of how much I love spinning. It’s therapeutic and meditative and so, so refreshing to create things yourself.

10.24.2013    Leave a comment    awesome, crafting, spinning