Handspun Giveaway – Odds and Bobs

I went through my fiber and yarn this week and got it all sorted and put away. The good news is that everything fits again AND I’ve been on such a handmade binge lately that I even have a tote free now! And as part of my deep clean, I realized that I have a bunch of odds and ends from spinning that aren’t doing anything other than marinating in my stash – so here we are with a handspun giveaway!

Update: and the winners are Erin & Emma!

I have two bags – one with naturals and one with some neutrals and some brights. I have no idea of yardage or even exact fibers, so… be open to surprises! These are nothing fancy and some are spins from early on, so they may not be the most even/consistent.

Bag #1:

handspun giveaway

Bag #2:

handpsund giveaway

To enter, please leave a comment by March 20th, 2015 (including your email which will only be visible to me). The morning of March 21st I’ll run a rng to choose two winners and then I’ll ship these out!

03.14.2015    11 Comments    spinning