iPhones for non-tech Boomers?

My mom has become a diehard Apple fanatic. As far as I can tell its because she finds the user interface more intuitive. She claims its because they can “copy and paste” [#facepalm] which makes me laugh because at she made this claim iPhones couldn’t. She often goes off on tirades about how terrible Microsoft is (and they can be, don’t get me wrong), but normally the root of the problem is something totally unrelated. As a kinda tech person I get this; as a non-tech person my mom doesn’t. I think that what it comes down to is personal preference and she falls on the Apple side of the fence. To add to this, Apple has started to build their brand based on service (and to advertise this). If you pay them, a nice little tech geek at the Genius Bar will fix your computer problems for you or teach you how to use your computer better.

To sum up why my mom (a very non-tech user) loves her Apple: design, simplicity, service that will hold her hand through the tough bits.

My mom would love to have an iPhone. In fact, she’s mentioned it more than once that she’d like to get one precisely because its an Apple product. Here’s the thing – my mom doesn’t really listen to music, she’s not going to stream content or data, she still maintains a written calendar, and she hates cell phone plans and contracts with a passion. She is in no way, shape, or form in the iPhone target market. She has no need for 99% of the features of the device and she is not going to sign a 3 year contract and pay $100 a month for voice and data when she’d normally only use $10-15 in prepaid service (if that).

It seems that Apple targets the design and device fans in our generation. But because of the simplicity and service they are starting to gain market share (my assumption based on my parents and some of their friends) in an older and decidedly non-tech market. These people have the disposable income to spend on Apple products and want the brand name, but they don’t need a lot of the functionality that they have.

Imagine a simple iPhone. It has the same form factor and design. But all it can do is make calls, send texts, and take pictures. Yup. Its a simple phone with a brand name price tag associate with it. What makes it even more attractive is that it wouldn’t need a super pricey telecom contract (no data, minimal voice usage). Make it a prepaid/simple postpaid option in the $20-30 range with the customer buying the phone upfront. Yeah, I wouldn’t buy one and you likely wouldn’t buy one. But my mom would in a heartbeat.

03.10.2010    4 Comments    customer experience