Free Knitting Patterns

I created this page so that the free knitting patterns I’ve written up are easy to find (instead of getting lost in all my knitting projects). You can also find these on my Ravelry Designer page.

If you want to make your project extra special try knitting it up in hand spun yarn – you can check me out on Etsy.

Basic Ear Flap Hat
Basic Ear
Flap Hat
There’s something extra about a hat with ear flaps – your ears stay warm and being able to tie it under your chin is cushy and keeps the wind out just that much more effectively.
Toddler Daycare Mitten Free Knitting Pattern
My son started daycare recently and his packing instructions included a note that he’d need 2 pairs of mittens. I immediately knew that I’d need to knit him some, because that way his little hands would be snuggled in wool and my love.
Grandma’s Cable & Lace Socks
My grandmother was an avid knitter. I remember receiving handmade sweaters for birthdays and Christmas when I was little. More than anything else though, I remember her knitting socks. The same socks every time.
Lobster Claw
Bicycling Mittens
These were inspired in part by Jason and in part by my friend Marie (and her lovely pink scarf). They are lobster claw mittens that are perfect for cycling – you can reach the brake without taking the rest of your hand off the handle!
Simple Summer
Lace Cowl
This was inspired by overly air conditioned offices and hot summer days. I still like having my neck be warm in the cool breeze, but don’t need a heavy duty wool cowl to keep me warm