Low Budget Baby Proofing

I’ve had several people ask us how we’re baby proofing the house. I mean, Silas is an active little man and we live in a house full of stairs so we’ve done something right. And we have, but I think that we’ve done a fairly good job of low budget baby proofing.

The photo below is pretty much 95% of the baby proofing that we’ve done around the house:

1) Elastic bands around door knobs. Free for us because we’re using the heavy duty ones that come around our mail. To be honest, I like this solution because I can’t figure out how to open the actual baby proofing ones…

2) Put things that he can get into that we don’t want him to up higher. So right now all our garbage cans are up on counters or tables. It removes his temptation so that we’re not always chasing him down or removing him from a situation. For me, this has been a huge frustration reducer – I can’t get annoyed once I’ve removed the temptation from the situation. Silas is just doing what comes naturally!

3) We had our giant 7 foot tall mirror mounted to the wall so that it won’t fall over. This was the one piece of furniture that was outright dangerous (vs. just being made of solid wood and thus being hard), so we made sure that it was taken care of.

low budget baby proofing

We did put one baby gate up at roughly the top of the basement stairs. Our house is old and the hallways are narrow. We only found one brand of baby gates that even fits and even then we could only mount it on one side. The other side is zip tied to a railing in order to stay up! We have a second one but it’s still in the box. We had thought about putting it up at the bottom of the stairs to the second floor, but for right now we just watch Silas carefully and help him climb the stairs when he wants to. It’s working for us.

We’re also lucky because some things, like our kitchen organization, were already relatively child friendly. As in the only things he can get into are pots and pans and ziploc containers and water bottles.

Elastics have since been added to these cupboard doors…

low budget baby proofing

And I’ve made a concerted effort to remember to properly close the cat food container… Because otherwise this happens. I seriously have no idea why he likes the cat and dog food so much. You’d think that we didn’t cook just for him or buy him fruit and veg from the farmers market.

low budget baby proofing

Do you have any low budget or super effective baby proofing tips?

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