Old Time-y Skills – Darning a Knit Blanket

Last winter I knit a lovely stripey blanket out of Noro. It was a cold winter and on our trek to and from daycare I used this big, cuddly blanket to tuck around little man. On one of the trips the blanket got tangled under the wheels of the stroller and dragged along the cold, icy ground. I was a little gutted and couldn’t face the repair, so the blanket got tucked away until this past weekend when I was finally ready to face the music and learn to darn a knit blanket.

Oh the hole, the hole! It looked so terrible. It gaped and pull stitches.

hole in knit blanketAnd then when I started to pull it back into shape it seemed much less daunting.

I found some tutorials online to learn how to darn. I chose a bright, acid green yarn. For a blanket that is full of colour and stripes, I thought that the contrast would be fitting. So first I put my vertical lines in.

learn to darn a knit blanket


And then I started filing in horizontally. At first this was so strange and didn’t seem like it filled the hole. And then magically as I got closer to the end it was just… done. It certainly isn’t neat and tidy, but for a first job I’m certainly proud that I darned my first knit item – because I’m not actually a knitter until I can repair items (right?).

learn to darn a knit blanket


And then a shot of the blanket overall – it really doesn’t stand out a huge amount.

learn to darn a knit blanket


And on this cold day, I’m looking forward to being able to snuggle under this blanket without having to worry about making the hole worse.


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