Our Awesome Prickly Pear Cactus

A couple of years ago our friend Michael (of Gardenmaker) helped get our front and back yards in order. I have zero green thumb and needed a little help. One of things Michael planted in our front yard was an Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus.

The last few years it’s looked kinda sad, but it fought the good fight and held on. It survived our winters and came out looking kinda shriveled and sad. I was nervous about how it would hold up after this last winter, given that it was both colder and had more snow than the year before.

And then this spring and summer, it’s been like magic. One of the lobes started to grow another one.

eastern prickly pear cactus ontario

And then two of the other lobes also started growing new lobes. In the photo below you can see how large the first lobe is and the start of the next two.

eastern prickly pear cactus ontario

I’ve been telling random people about our cactus because I’m so excited to see it grow and change. I’m excited to see our garden at a state where it’s green and healthy and strong enough that we don’t have yellow patches from the dog.

I had no idea that these cacti could flower and fruit. I’m hopeful that because it’s been healthy enough to grow that there might be some flowers in our future.

Some days I’m totally overwhelmed by nature, that we can live in the middle of a giant city and still have these awe inspiring flashes of green and growth. I can’t wait to share things like this with Silas.

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