Staying Sane & Taking Care of Myself

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I’m a very, very introverted person. One of the hardest things for me as a parent has been the almost constant contact that came with a new one. I’d get to the end of the day after nursing and baby-wearing and cuddles and just be touched out. My poor husband would try to give me a hug and I just had nothing left in the tank.

As Silas has gotten a little older, we’ve managed to find a routine that has left me with some time that is 100% mine (well, after I’ve put that extra load of laundry in…). It’s really helped me stand sane and helped me take care of myself.

I’m generally an early riser and Silas is more like his papa and will sleep in until somewhere between 8am-9am. I’ve started setting my alarm for 6am and will force myself to get out of bed. I head downstairs for an hour or two all by myself. I have so much more patience for everyone if I’ve had that time – for Silas, for his papa, for me, for the poor person on the other end of the phone. Everyone has benefited.

Here’s what I do with that precious time:

  • I drink several cups of yerba mate to help wake me up and get going
  • I write blog posts (often several at once so there are some in the pipeline)
  • I knit – four baby blankets and counting for this year!
  • I read books, some science fiction, some easy fiction as junk food for my brain, and lots and lots and lots of books about parenting
  • And I spin my own yarn

These are all things that help calm me down. The knitting and spinning are moving meditations, so it’s like a double whammy of self-love. Below is the first 12oz of a 3-ply that is current in progress. Eventually it’ll be 2 full pounds of hand spun 3-ply yarn!! It’s a big project, but I’m really enjoying it.

hand spun jana falls hello yarn

One of the other big challenges is not getting sucked into the cycle of checking email/facebook/twitter/rss feeds/etc. I’ve continue to make an active effort to use my time more constructively and beneficially.

And then some days (like today!), I get blessed with a few extra minutes. We were running errands today so we took the stroller and there was a nap that lasted even after we arrived home.

nap success

 I’ve also found moments of time when Silas is playing but wants me close. I’ll sit down next to him with a small knitting project or sew the ends into a finished item. And you know what? We’re both so much happier.


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