Tiny Cabin Life: Attic 24’s Granny Stripe Blanket Ta Da!

So way, way back in December 2011 I started a blanket. A lovely, lovely granny stripe blanket (using Lucy from Attic 24’s tutorial – found here). I worked on it off and on (mostly off) until we purchase Tiny Cabin. I started dreaming of a space filled with hand made goodies, but was too busy with my holiday knitting to start back up. Well, this past month I picked up my afghan again and just finished blocking it yesterday – 3 and 1/3 years later (oh dear!).

For an afghan, this blanket turned out a little bigger than expected once I’d added the edging (to be fair, this is about 2″ extra in all directions) and blocked the blanket.

crochet granny stripe afghan attic 24 jananas

I used a 3.25mm crochet hook, which is much too small for the cascade 220 I was using. I ended up with a very dense, very warm blanket (which is nice as I like blankets like that).

I picked 7 colours of cascase – a dark purple, a bright fuschia, a medium blue, a robin’s egg blue, a leaf green, a bright yellow, and a pale gray. I did a 7 row repeat, with random selection of colour (except for one strange section where I did a little ABCDEDCBA pattern for some reason that escapes me).

crochet granny stripe afghan attic 24 jananas

I sewed ends in off and on, which at least made me feel like I was getting closer to the end. And one evening last week I finished the very last stripe and then sewed the last 28 repeats of ends in (so 56 ends).

Then I got to plan the edging. I was thinking gray to keep from being overwhelmed, but decided last minute that since I had a fair amount of colours leftover that I’d add a little pop in there. I did 3 rows of single chain, chain one to create a tiny pattern and to show the colours off.

crochet granny stripe afghan edging attic 24 jananas

And then I ended with a lovely scallop! And despite not paying any attention at all to stitch counts or rows or whether or not my planned edging would, you know, fit the blanket that I’d made I went for it. And despite the fact that my corners aren’t exactly uniform it turned out pretty smashingly.

crochet granny stripe afghan edging attic 24 jananas

I’m pretty excited to 1) be finished this project (oh my goodness, finally!) (to be fair I did knit 4 baby blankets last year so that should count for something), and 2) to see this on the back of the couch at Tiny Cabin.

I still have yarn leftover, so now I’m dreaming about crocheting a matching pair of granny square arm protectors for the couch. I want to start them now, now, NOW. I’m going to be good and wait until we head up for May 24 so that I can measure the couch arms so that they’ll fit.

Maybe now I’ll make some progress on the rest of my works in progress…

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