Yarn Overload

I spin. A lot. Sometimes I forget how much until I look at the pile of yarn that is sitting on the table waiting to be finished. Life has been a bit hectic lately, so I haven’t had (or wanted to find) the time to finishing yarn, label it, etc. This morning I realized just how much there is. When we get back from our visit to the States this weekend, I’ll need to find some time to tackle this pile.

That is 17 skeins of yarn that I’ve spun in the last four weeks – early morning cell phone photos don’t do it justice. Its actually not even everything that I’ve spun either (eep!). There is some Hello Yarn, Southern Cross Fiber, Sweet Georgia, Spun Right Round, and Juliespins. There is Merino, Targhee, BFL, Wensleydale, and for the first time ever – Jacob. There are singles, two ply, true three ply, and some navajo ply.

My new hang ties arrived yesterday (a separate blog post is coming because they are that awesome), so next week I’ll have to finish this yarn, go through my hand spun stash, label some skeins, and drop off more yarn at Wise Daughters and the Knit Cafe!

05.19.2011    Leave a comment    spinning